Who we are 
An Open door has been open since 2012 and has established a relationship between our individuals that we serve and the community. We look forward to continuing are dedication to our individuals and their families. Also we look forward to establishing a solid ground in our communities for the future generation of individuals with developmental disabilities.

An Open Door strives to provide the best quality of services to our brothers and sisters with developmental disabilities by always: advocating, training, maintain the health, safety, desires and discovering how to help each person served to reach their goals and dreams. A continued effort and drive to improve the agency for individuals that we serve is accomplished by receiving and implementing ideas, information and concerns received by them and their families.

Mission Statement
Mission: An Open door supports Individuals with developmentally disabilities and their families. It is a community based program that assist Individuals reach their full potential at the same time assisting families meet the individuals needs and wants. 

2445 Missouri Ave. Suite  B
Las Cruces, NM 88001


6 Peterson Dr.
Silver City, NM 88061


608 S. Gold Ave
Deming, NM 88030

An Open Door was inspired by the effort that many in the past had envisioned for brothers and sisters with developmental disabilities. An Open Door started with the same intentions that many agencies had. The difference between us and other agencies is that we will stay focused on the goals set before us. An Open Door will always remember why we do what we do. (This article dates back to the year of 1973.)

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