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  1. Complete all AOD nursing duties in relation to the requirements in the NM DD Waiver Standards.
  2. Complete identified nursing assessments as defined in the NM Developmental Disabilities Waiver Standards including but not limited to:
    • Complete the NM Department of Health DDSD approved THERAP assessments on all people served by AOD, LLC within timeframe allotted by DDSD with exception of people whose main residential service is through another agency.
    • Complete HCPs and MERPs as identified in the ECHAT Summary completed through the ECHAT assessment in THERAP for people who are served through AOD, LLC and main residential service or only service is through AOD, LLC.
    • Complete HCPs and MERPs as identified in the ECHAT Summary completed through the ECHAT assessment in THERAP by other agency nurses who are identified as the main nurse and AOD, LLC provides one or two services. Any and all data entry in THERAP that is required.
    • Assure the completion of HCPs and MERPs on all individuals whom exhibit chronic conditions with potential to exacerbate into a life-threatening condition.
    • Complete any GER entries in THERAP within 72 hours.
    • Review all Medication Administration Records on all people served as required.
    • Complete in person or phone contact with people served as identified by the IDT, DD Waiver Standards or as requested by the individual family living service provider, guardian, direct support staff or person served.
    • Provide technical assistance as requested in relation to nursing services and medical information.
    • Attend required ISP and IDT meetings.
    • Complete required training.
    • Maintain current CEU’s.
    • Maintain current NM Board of Nursing Registered Nursing License.
  3. Bi-weekly on-call during hours of non-operation of AOD, LLC including weekday evenings and weekends.
  4. Complete other duties as assigned by agency Executive Director.
  5. Monitor all other AOD, LLC nurses.


  1. Know well, the desired ISP outcomes for each individual served as well as their likes, dislikes, preferences, choices, interests, gifts, needs, etc.

  2. Know the desired ISP outcomes for each individual served.

  3. Communicate effectively and respectfully with each individual served.

  4. Collaborate with the team coordinator and onsite supervisor your ideas to support day habilitation individuals in achieving desired ISP outcomes, as well as contribute to developing and implementing purposeful activities that meet individual’s definition of a meaningful day.

  5. Assist each individual, assigned to your daily/weekly caseload, to identify desired activities throughout the day and actively help the individual accomplish them.

  6. Provide, to each individual assigned on your daily caseload, instruction to facilitate the development of new skills and generally support each individual learning and development.

  7. Identify and become familiar with any community resources and options needed to fulfill ISP Outcomes, Action Plans and personal Meaningful Day definitions.

  8. Communicate effectively with community members, other staff, and IDT members to accomplish individual’s desired outcomes.

  9. Effectively communicate daily progress toward achievement of desired outcomes as well as identify barriers or concerns encountered.

  10. Maintain safety standards at all times to ensure health and wellness of individuals served.

  11. Understand and implement crisis or emergency responses needed for individuals served, especially when assigned to your daily/weekly caseload.

  12. Understand when to ask for help when needed.

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